IDEXX CO2 Challenge

You make an impact by driving Toogethr! Toogethr challenges everyone at IDEXX to save 1.400 kg CO2 before the end of May.

Invite your colleagues to join, because the more people that will join, the greater the chance to reach this goal. 
Bonus: you will receive a voucher worth €5 when you successfully invite your colleagues!

But that’s not everything! When reaching this goal we'll bring IDEXX a visit with a tasty prize for you and your colleagues. And on top of this: the top-3 best riders will receive an extra prize!

So far, Toogethr-users at IDEXX have saved over 1.004 kilograms CO2. You’re on the right track!

With still 396 kilogram CO2 to go, it’s time to put in a little extra effort until the end of May. So plan your new rides now!

And of course, we will keep you posted on your progress on this page. Good luck!

The latest CO2 update is: 25 February 2020