Parking at Danone

At Danone we care about the world we live in and how we impact the health of the planet.We want to contribute to a sustainable and clean environment, by cutting down on CO2 and reducing air pollution. 

In order to achieve this goal, one of the actions being promoted is riding Toogethr through the Toogethr-app. Toogethr is not only an affordable, fun and sustainable way of traveling but also comes with great incentives. Like booking a Premium Rideshare Parking Spot!

How does booking through Toogethr work?
When you invite one or multiple colleagues to your ride, you unlock the parking feature. Through Toogethr you’ll now be able to book one of the five Premium Rideshare Parking Spots.

Follow the next simple steps to set-up and complete a booking

1) A little bit self-evident, but make sure you have the app downloaded, are registered and your profile picture is looking great!

2) Click add a ride, set up your ride for a specific date, fill in your arrival or departure-time and select Danone as a destination. You will see the option of parking appear. Right now it will still be inactive (greyed out).‍

3) Add a person to your ride (this can be a suggestion, direct invite or even multiple suggestions/invites). This will unlock the parking feature, it will be full color now, no longer greyed out.

4)  Press the unlock parking button.

5) The unlock parking button will lead you to the reservation screen.

6)  If successful, you have now booked a Premium Parking Spot. You should see a screen similar to the one shown above that displays your reservation. All that is left is showing up and claiming your premium real parking spot. Super easy right?

We wish you the best of luck! And hope you’ll make full use of our services!

Important! Your driver should always belong to the community of where there will be parked.

Important! If you remove people from your rideshare and you end-up with a ride no longer shared with anyone, the reservation will be canceled. You will no longer be able to park.