Commuter traffic in the social distancing society? This is how to make it easier

Since prime minister Rutte incited the population at the beginning of March, to work from home as much as possible, traffic intensity has decreased with over 60 percent. When our work life will normalize is yet unknown, but it is expected that we will have to maintain the 6-feet social distancing for a while longer. Therefore, in the NOS news broadcast of April 16th, we were asked to limit our travelling by bus or by train and only travel by public transportation when there are no other options.
This means that our commuter traffic will look quite different. How can you, as an employer, anticipate that?

Climbing the charts: the bicycle, the healthy alternative

According to the corona ladder of traffic, the bicycle does not only have the least risk of contamination, the two-wheeler also has a positive effect on our health. Whether you use the electric bicycle or pedal for miles under your own power, the bike provides a better health and more resistance. In addition to its benefits for the muscles and the joints, the bicycle also offers relaxation and therefore a better mental health. We do of course, assume that every right-minded cyclist feels the responsibility towards society to keep enough distance towards others. 

Private car and motorcycle are popular

For whom the bicycle is not an option, the private car or motorcycle is still the runner-up on the ladder of traffic. If you, the employer, have limited parking facilities, this might be a source of concern for you. Not necessary. It is expected that working from home will also expand in the future. By combining a flexible workspace with a smart parking facility, there is enough space for everyone when needed. 

Preferring carpooling to travelling by bus or train

Finally, we have noticed that carpooling is gaining in popularity compared with public transportation. The risk of contagion is much lower with carpooling. Not only can you keep a certain distance by not sitting right next to, but diagonally behind the driver, you can also assess reasonably well whether your trusted co-worker observes the measures taken. With fellow travellers in a packed train or bus, that is a lot harder. 

Sustainable solutions

At the moment we are all working hard on the best possible implementation of the social distancing society. What the measures will look like in the long-term, nobody knows yet. But there is certainly a need of sustainable solutions for a safe and good design of the commuter traffic. Our smart mobility solutions with regard to cycling, smart parking and ridesharing contribute to the future-proof way of traveling and to the positive impact your company wants to bring about by using sustainable solutions. 

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