Door Leonie - 13 December 2017

September is Toogethr kick-off month! Monday 4 September we started off festively with the Toogethr pilots at Conclusion and Future Groep in the East of Utrecht. Both companies are riding Toogethr from now on!

At 8 a.m. we were ready to welcome all employees from both companies with a nice cup of coffee or tea served by ‘de Koffiekar’. Meanwhile, the Toogethr promo team walked around to draw everyone’s attention to the launch of our ridesharing app.
Toogethr flying kick-off

The CEO of Conclusion Engbert Verkoren and the CEO of Future Groep Roelof Bijlsma shared a ride in the Toogethr Infiniti car with alderman Lot of Hooijdonk! After the ride, the champagne was popped open and the festive Toogethr cake was cut. We look back at a very successful morning and are extremely pleased that the Conclusion and Future Groep are riding Toogethr from now on.

Toogethr kick-off Future Groep Culemborg

In the early morning of Thursday 7 September, Toogethr’s promotional team was in Culemborg. One by one, the cars drove onto the site at the parking lot of Future Groep Culemborg. It was cold and wet so we welcomed the employees with fresh, hot coffee. During coffee we talked about the app, the Toogethr web shop and the various features. After morning coffee, the canteen was made Toogethr-proof because we were also present during lunch to help the brand new Toogethrers understand our ridesharing app.

Toogethr carpool app kick-off Future Culemborg

Festive Toogethr get-together at Future Groep

The happy hour had arrived, which meant time for the Toogethr get-together at Future Groep in the East of Utrecht. The get-together was perfectly organised and all those present were able to enjoy great appetizers and alcoholic beverages (sodas for the designated drivers, of course). People were drinking downloading and matching. The get-together was an enormous success!

Toogethr carpool app kick-off Future Culemborg

The first week was a huge success and bodes well for the coming kick-offs. YoungCapital, BNNVARA, Dura Vermeer, the Amsterdam police force, ASICS and the Municipality of Den Bosch will also be joining the Toogethr movement in the coming weeks!

Toogethr is a ridesharing app which is already used by many organisations. Read how we can help you make a difference.