Door Leonie - 13 December 2017

Toogethr politie Amasterdam

Toogethr is starting a ridesharing pilot at the Amsterdam Police this month. This makes the Amsterdam unit a frontrunner. A good reason to talk to Management adviser Jan Cats who works for the head of Management of the unit management. Cats is with nationwide PDC (Product Services Centre) involved in the mobility policy, parking and related costs. The police have the need to equalise the parking policy at the different locations.

Parking at Amsterdam Police

When asked about transport of staff to and from the work location, Cats tells us that officers usually come to the station by private vehicle. The parking regulations, however, differ per station. Some large stations have their own parking lot for staff. At headquarters, on the other hand, the Amsterdam Police rents an entire parking floor at Europarking, especially for police cars as well. Parking in the vicinity of the smaller stations is done in surrounding districts with the use of parking licenses obtained from the Municipality of Amsterdam. These are on-call available to officers on call. Together with Toogethr, the Amsterdam Police takes up the challenge to:

  • Decrease insufficient parking spaces in and around its work locations.
  • Get colleagues acquainted with the Toogethr app in a fun and no strings attached way.
  • Use the experiences for future nationwide policy.

This was the reason that Jan Cats started the Toogethr ridesharing pilot:

“The future is all about more transparency, clear frameworks and costs”

Toogethr & Amsterdam Police

Sustainable entrepreneurship, next to the abovementioned reasons, also plays a big part in choosing Toogethr.  Amsterdam is getting more and more crowded, it’s virtually impossible to park in the city centre. The Amsterdam Police feels and takes its responsibility here:

“A major employer like the Amsterdam Police should take its responsibility in this. There should be no difference in working at the Uithoorn location or in the city centre. We feel it’s important to work well in the city centre as well. We care for our staff, including for those working in shifts.“

What does Cats expect from Toogethr?

“I expect that Toogethr has an impact and that colleagues can get acquainted in a fun and no strings attached way. I think in the future it will become very important for people to travel in a more flexible way”

Toogethr is a ridesharing app which is already used by many organisations. Read how we can help you make a difference.