Door Leonie - 13 December 2017

Since the start of the new Toogethr at the beginning of October, the launch has really taken off. That makes us not only happy, but incredibly proud as well. Major organisations such as consultancy bureaus Accenture and PwC, ABN AMRO bank and technical service provider ENGIE have been taking part in the Toogethr community at the Zuidas from the start. And, if it’s up to the Municipality of Amsterdam, more will follow; by offering periodic subsidies for all companies at the Zuidas, they make a valuable contribution to this mobility initiative.

Riding together with an ambition

The past 18 months Accenture and initiator Calendar42 have been working closely together with major employers at the Zuidas to find out how commuter traffic can be improved and become more fun by using ridesharing. The Toogethr ambition is pretty simple is: Holland would be much prettier with 25,000 fewer cars on the road. Just imagine, 25,000 fewer cars hindering you on your way to work and stealing ‘your’ parking space. At the same time, these 25,000 carpooling road users reduce the CO2-emission. We can really accomplish this together…

Join us, it’s super simple

By way of a smart planning technology combined with the existing workplace communities and a bonus system, the Toogethr app takes away the hassle people use to experience in riding together. Employees of Accenture, PwC, ABN AMRO and ENGIE already agree: Ridesharing with Toogethr is incredibly simple.
Next to that, the app is cost-effective for each individual participant. Their employees reap instant benefits from sharing daily commuter traffic: saving money, avoiding parking dilemmas and building up a valuable network. Ridesharing today is fun! The worst that can happen is a good conversation.

A look behind the scenes

Recently, Michel Boerrigter, founder of initiator Calendar42, could be seen in an episode of Groen Licht:  VARA’s weekly documentary programme about green facts and fables. In that episode, Accenture Nederland was questioned about what they were doing in terms of sustainable solutions. Riding together with Toogethr had to be part of that of course. Didn’t see the programme? Check it out here!

Toogethr is a ridesharing app which is already used by many organisations. Read how we can help you make a difference.