Door Leonie - 13 December 2017

Until recently, Isaac Bullock worked as a Marketing Specialist at Accenture. His focus was on communication and social media strategy. He has also been involved in the initial phase at Toogethr.  When asked about this initial phase Isaac said:

“Toogethr is one of the few initiatives to understand that sustainability is only achieved when you commit yourself to what’s happening around you.”

He gives the example of the traffic and parking problems at the Amsterdam Zuidas – solutions have to be found. It’s convenient that companies such as Toogethr stand up to provide input and to make the lives of employer and employee easier. Isaac thoroughly enjoyed riding together with Toogethr. He says that it feels like forever when he has to ride from Haarlem to Amsterdam.

“By riding together with colleagues I had fun conversations, saved money and got into contact with new people who could help me in the future.”

Networking was the most important motive to use Toogethr: “Toogethr helps you to easily start up conversations with people you would normally not have spoken with. People at the office don’t make much time for a chat or to interest themselves in others. Riding together makes sure that there is time. I regularly used Toogethr to ride together with two colleagues to Accenture at the Zuidas Amsterdam Zuidas. This led to fun conversations. One thing led to another. I’ve for example helped one of them with raising money so that he could travel to Zambia.”

When asked about the differences between Toogethr and other carpool apps Isaac says: “The problem with other carpool apps is that they don’t have the business part – they’re not B2B apps.” Isaac also indicates that the other apps lack Toogethr’s dependability:

“Dependability is very important for a user who doesn’t just want to ride with anyone. In the Toogethr app you see faces, you see the company people work for and you choose who you want to ride with. You are also in a community together with your colleagues, which makes it all much more trustworthy and accessible than other carpool apps.” 

The funniest thing he has ever experienced during a Toogethr ride was his Accenture colleague showing him pictures of his carnaval outfit. “We couldn’t stop laughing, he looked so funny. He would probably never share this with colleagues, but because of our many rides together we had grown so familiar with each other that he did share it with us.”

During our talk about riding together, Isaac tells us that he has recently participated in a campaign, with increasing business networks as its keynote, at the Amsterdam Zuidas. He found out that many people at the Zuidas didn’t know each other. The campaign was a huge success and led, next to many new contacts, to surprising twists. Zo rijden er nu bijvoorbeeld participants of the campaign are now, for example, riding together to the Opera by a Russian singer. It just goes to show what an extension of your network can do. And this just so happens to be one of Toogethr’s focal points!

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