Door Leonie - 13 December 2017

The time has come, we can light the candles and many children will not be able to sleep. Whether this is because of the excitement or the amount of sugar they ate is debatable. Either way, the December Holiday Month has arrived. A month described by parents as busy and expensive, but most of all very intimate. The upcoming month is a period of being together, thinking about the ups and downs of last year and looking forward to a new year with new goals.


We will not let December pass by without doing something great. We have a month filled with great surprises in store for you, to make December even more pleasant than it already is. We will show you how Toogethr celebrates Sinterklaas, how we prepare for Christmas and what our Toogethr branded Christmas card will look like this year. But that is not all yet; our Wheel of Fortune will be pimped into the Wheel of Christmas. This gives you the chance to win cool prizes! Last but not least, our Toogethr webshop will be filled with special December Holiday items, like tickets for Christmas Circus Ahoy Rotterdam!

De Decemberfeestmaand

Toogethr basket full of treats

As an extra we will be driving through the country with our Infinity car to provide all of you with a basket full of Toogethr treats!

December is going to be a busy, but most of all a cozy month. Because this month is dedicated to being together we will show you how we celebrate the holidays! We are also curious how you celebrate your holidays. Share your plans with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!

Enjoy the last part of 2017, because before you know it, 2018 is there and the time for new plans and goals has arrived!

Warm greetings,

You celebrate the December month Toogethr

De December Feestmaand

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