Door Leonie - 13 December 2017

Toogethr aims to simplify the business environment of riding together. Even though we have already saved many tons of CO2, we can always do better. In my blog today I want to focus on a major barrier: schemes. Riding together should be fun and simple. The Dutch legislator, however, doesn’t make it easy. Where the fiscal schemes should be facilitating carpooling, the opposite is happening right now: fiscal matters do not anticipate this and makes carpooling unnecessary complicated. And what do we get when we have untangled the legislator’s knot? Precisely, even more rules and regulations.

Fiscal matters and riding together: a sea of schemes

A maze of fiscal schemes

Like we said before, the Dutch legislator doesn’t make riding together easy. It’s a maze of fiscal schemes. Lease car drivers, employees with their own car, private lease car drivers: all are subject different complicated schemes. Toogethr has spent many hours with various tax consultants in an attempt to establish clarity in the field of carpooling, unfortunately to no avail. In short, there is no uniform fiscal scheme for carpooling. This discourages riding together, while stimulating it should be our joint goal.  And that’s where we come into the picture.

Credits system for riding together

Because the current fiscal schemes are unfathomable, Toogethr works with a credits system that is linked to our app.  For now this is the only way to come to a uniform and deductible unity in which riding together can be rewarded. Major clients such as PwC, ENGIE, ABN AMRO and Accenture are now using our credits system. It remains, however, astonishing to see that the Dutch legislator makes little or no effort to simplify the fiscal schemes surrounding carpooling.

Fiscal matters and riding together: a sea of schemes

Simplifying is the solution

The only way to stimulate mass riding together is by simplifying the current fiscal regulations.  In these times in which the focus lies more and more on circular share initiatives this should be at the top of the priorities list of the Dutch legislator.This is why we like to invite the Dutch legislator to enter into a discussion with us about this subject. Together we can simplify the maze of schemes and effectively stimulate riding together!

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