Door Leonie - 13 December 2017

Excellent news! Since last week a part of the Hilversum Mediapark rides Toogethr! BNNVARA broadcasting company is the first to get acquainted with our ridesharing app. This means that Dutch celebrities such as Geraldine Kemper, Tim Hofman and Gwen van Poorten also ride Toogethr.

Accessibility of the Mediapark

The Mediapark is a business park situated to the North of Hilversum. The site can be accessed by car via the A1, A2 and A27 motorways. Many employees therefore arrive by car at the Mediapark, resulting in a shortage of parking spaces.  The Mediapark is, in addition, poorly accessible during the mornings and afternoons because the surrounding motorways are extremely crowded at those times. Time for Toogethr!

Green Deal Media

Right now, the Mediapark is busy with sustainability and greening. Last December, for example, various large companies have signed the Green Deal Media. Dit houdt in that various companies located at the Mediapark should jointly achieve a sustainability of at least 70% of the power consumption at the park. Deadline: 2020.

Various adjustments are already being made in order to meet that deadline die deadline. At this moment, for example, the Mediapark has fourteen charging points for electric cars, green energy is purchased and fluorescent lighting is replaced by LED lighting. Toogethr will also play a big part in achieving a more sustainable park. Riding together means less cars at the Mediapark and fewer car movements to the Mediapark. This way the traffic density around the park will be reduced. The insufficient parking spaces in the packed parking lot will be reduced as well. Toogethr also enables reduced CO2-emmission as well as saving up on fuel!

BNNVARA Toogethr Carpoolen Hilversum Mediapark

Toogethr Kick-off at BNNVARA

In the early morning of 3 October, we left for Hilversum. Unfortunately not all the drivers on the A27 were riding Toogethr because we encountered heavy traffic. At 8 a.m., the Toogethr promotional team was ready to welcome the BNNVARA employees. Armed with a load of flyers, we told them about the official start of the Toogethr pilot. We got enthusiastic responses and everyone wanted a flyer. It was good to hear that a large number of employees had already installed the app. During lunch, our promo ladies were once again ready to shine. Next to flyers they now also handed out Toogethr energy drinks as a remedy for the ‘four o’clock slump’. Toogethr Doppers were also divided among employees who were willing to download the app on the spot. All in all a successful Toogethr promo day!

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