Door Leonie - 13 December 2017

Hospitals are doing everything possible to offer parking to patients and visitors and their own staff.  Large parking garages or sites fill a large part of the total plot size at almost every hospital. During construction and development of new hospitals the parking is usually one of the highest priorities on the agenda.

Shortage of parking spaces

Despite the efforts to realise sufficient parking, in practice the incessant influx of patients and visitors combined with own staff is simply too large. Hospitals are therefore still confronted with big challenges in the field of parking. It’s of great importance to hospitals that this shortage of parking is dealt with because it endangers the hospital’s core business. Patients should be assisted as best as possible and should therefore be able to park close to the main entrance.

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Solutions for insufficient parking spaces

Some hospitals have a policy that employees living within 10 km radius should not arrive by bar. They arrive at the hospital by bike or public transport. Carpooling is another solution to decrease insufficient parking spaces at hospitals. If hospital employees would ride together to the work location more parking spaces would be available for patients and visitors. That way Toogethr can work together with hospitals to bring the parking problem to a halt. Toogethr also contributes to safety. The app ensures that (male) nurses working evening or night duties have a travel buddy to ride home with. The app also works flawlessly together with the 12-hour shift recently introduced in the care sector. Next to abovementioned measures, you as a visitor can also do something to alleviate insufficient parking spaces at hospitals:

  • Park in a neighbourhood near the hospital instead of at the hospital site
  • Travel to the hospital by public transport or by bike

If we all make a contribution, the parking problems at hospitals will soon be a thing of the past.

Toogethr is a ridesharing app which is already used by many organisations. Read how we can help you make a difference.