Door Leonie - 13 December 2017

The principle of the sharing economy

Within a regular economy, companies supply a product or service to consumers or other companies. This traditional form of offering products or services has been the standard for years. The consumer need, however, shifts from buying and owning of products to buying and sharing of experiences.

Consumers no longer want to use products and services individually; they want to be able to share their experiences. Sharing is a smart and efficient way of using what we own together. This change in consumer need forces companies to see customers and employees differently. Where companies were once traditional providers of products for individual consumers, they now mostly offer a platform that facilitates shared use of a product or service. We leave the production and consumer society behind us and welcome the sharing economy based on sharing or re-using products and services.

What’s the sharing economy to me

I’m a big supporter of the sharing economy myself which is why I regularly use platforms that facilitate shared use – for example, booking holiday accommodations via Airbnb. Who wants to pay a lot of money to an expensive hotel chain and sleep in a room the size of a cupboard? Not me. Airbnb is much cheaper, cosier and more fun. You usually have an entire house or apartment at your disposal. These are often located in the lively centre instead of on an empty elitist hotel strip.  When I want to buy products I first check Marktplaats where I almost always succeed in finding items in good condition, and at attractive prices. Photos and videos are of course immediately shared with friends via Youtube and Facebook. I also regularly borrow goods from people in my neighbourhood via Peerby. Because why would I buy a new laminate cutter when one of my neighbours offers to lend one to me?

The sharing economy has a number of advantages for me. I no longer have to buy new products or services when I don’t have these in my possession. I also no longer have to pay a lot of money for an overpriced holiday accommodation. This makes a substantial difference to the costs of course. The sharing economy also allows me to share my experiences with friends and acquaintances. And the sharing economy helps to curb surplus production and the individual use which are characteristic to our society.  This is a necessary development in a world in which the climate is heating up, where huge swarms of plastic float in our oceans and we exhaust the earth through fossil fuel extraction. In my opinion, the efficient use of each other’s goods and services is the least we can do to relieve the earth from which we extract so much.

This is why I like working at Toogethr

This conviction therefore is one of the reasons I like working at Toogethr. Toogethr contributes significantly to the sharing economy by our platform which facilitates the riding together of colleagues from and to the work location. We help to reduce the CO2-emisison, traffic jams and recovery of fossil fuel. It’s therefore nice to know that I facilitate a more sustainable society and help relieve our earth by my work at Toogethr. Another reason for me to work at Toogethr is the fact that we are a dynamic start-up with a fresh perspective on consumer needs. We not only make riding together simple, we make it fun as well. Fun is paramount At Toogethr, not only in what we deliver but in who we are as well!

Toogethr is a ridesharing app which is already used by many organisations. Read how we can help you make a difference.