Door Leonie - 13 December 2017

Together with Toogethr I try to contribute to a sustainable society by facilitating the riding together of colleagues. By riding together both cO2 emission and fuel are saved. Of course a sustainable society is not only achieved by riding together alone.  Another example is an economical and well-insulated home. After all, change starts with you ;). That’s why I will be giving you tips to make your home more sustainable and economical in this recurring power snack.


A shower with heat recovery works as a heat exchanger: the hot water is lead along the cold water which pre-heats the cold water. This way the heating boiler or the water heater need to do less work which results in lower gas usage.

Reducing your energy consumption and CO2-footprint can also be done by simple adjustments. Don’t place curtains or furniture in front of the central heating, opt for a water-saving shower head or place weather stripping at the bottom of your doors.

Douche wtw Toogethr

Share your sustainability tips

Together we can make a difference. Joint initiatives and a change in mindsets is what make our society more sustainable and economical. My employer and I offer this joint initiative with our Toogethr ridesharing app. By sharing these tips with you I try to contribute to a (sustainable) change in our mindsets as well. Do you have any other sustainable tips? Share them on Twitter and Facebook with #Toogethr in the hashtag! Because Toogethr we can!

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