Door Leonie - 13 December 2017

Release your homing pigeons, open the lines: Toogethr is live and kicking!

Today – on Sustainability Day – we launched a unique solution at the Zuidas with our renewed ridesharing platform Toogethr. Because riding together is the future of commuter traffic. Prominent companies such as Accenture, ABN AMRO, PwC and ENGIE have instantly joined the initiative, being the pioneers they are.  Together we will now tackle the regional mobility problem. A magnificent start. And we’re ready for the rest of the Netherlands. Trust us, riding together with colleagues has never been this simple! So, are you in?

The mobility problem in the Netherlands is a much talked about topic is to which huge infrastructure plans are regularly applied op. But where is the bottleneck exactly? Over 40% of the cars on the roads ride to or from work. Most people ride individually and leave around the same time. The result: a frustrating rush hour with lots of traffic jams and few free parking spaces.


The solution need not be expensive. It’s much simpler: riding together. Because riding together means fewer cars on the road. Fewer cars on the road mean fewer traffic jams, less parking spaces and less CO2-emission.

We are well aware that riding together is better. And yet we don’t do it… We feel it’s too much of a hassle. By the way, do you actually know if any of your colleagues live near the route? Probably not. We also prefer to avoid the obligation to have to do this every day. Hence Toogethr.

Toogethr we make the Netherlands cleaner, more fun and traffic jam freeToogethr takes away all these barriers and makes riding together with colleagues super simple. And it’s fun as well. Toogethr matches colleagues by analysing locations and working hours. The app automatically provides you with suggestions which you can accept at the press of a button – if that’s what you want. Riding together effortlessly with Toogethr is not only good for the world it’s good for your wallet as well.  Because the kilometre costs you and your colleagues save are distributed equally.

We can of course go on for hours about the new app, because we’re proud of our ‘baby’. But customer experiences are more valuable than words. Before the launch was even known to people, our platform already noticed matches. That made us extremely happy. It can be that easy.

The mission is only beginning. We believe that commuter traffic works better if we ride together.

Better Toogethr

Toogethr is a ridesharing app which is already used by many organisations. Read how we can help you make a difference.