Door Leonie - 6 March 2018

Sharing a ride has many advantages: it’s fun, you can save money and reduce CO2-emissions. Yet, it can be quit intimidating to drive Toogethr with someone you don’t know (very well). How do you ensure that your Toogethr ride goes smoothly? We have 5 Tips & Tricks: What not to do during your Toogethr ride. Make your ride a succes with these ridesharing etiquettes!

#1 Being late

Nothing is more annoying than waking up in time to pick up your colleague or get picked up and than having nobody show up. Being a few minutes late on an occasion isn’t a big deal, but don’t make an habit out of it! You being late causes your fellow passengers to be late as well. They won’t take kindly to this. Therefore, it is better to be early than late!

#2 Taking calls the entire ride

Also annoying: a fellow passenger that’s calling during the entire ride. Not only is this very distracting to the driver,¬† because of your calling the passengers are not able to have their own conversations. In addition, you’ll have missed the chance to get to know your fellow passengers!

#3 Eating smelly food

Are you craving the egg sandwich you have in your bag? Or do you have any other foods or drinks with you? Make sure you consulate the driver beforehand to make sure it is allowed to eat or drink in the car. We discourage smelly foods or drinks! Nobody will be happy when you eat your egg sandwich in the car, so don’t do it!

#4 Behaving like a drive instructor

It can be quit tempting, but try your hardest not to give the driver any driving tips. The driver will probably not take kindly to your unwanted driving suggestions. Is there a dangerous situation? Scream for your life!

#5 Refueling or making other unnecessary stops

Are your the driving during your Toogethr ride? Make sure all preparations are made. This means fueling and cleaning the car beforehand. Try to limit unnecessary stops as much as possible. The goal of driving Toogethr is to quickly and easily travel between home and office. Making unnecessary stops doesn’t contribute to this goal!

These were our Tips & Tricks: What not to do during your Toogethr ride. Setup ground rules during your first ride to prevent annoyances on the road. If you do this you’re assured of a great ride!

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