Door Leonie - 6 February 2018

The theme for the month February is Innovation. At Toogethr we are constantly busy optimizing the app. It’s important for us that the app fits your need and wants. Last month, we asked you what new feature you would like to add to the app. You voted the most for:

  • Guaranteed ride home
  • Extra reward for users using an electric vehicle
  • Dashboard with live ranking

Thank you for your feedback! We gained a lot of input that we can use for further development of the app. From all the feedback a live dashboard stood out the most for us. It also fits the theme month innovation perfectly. This is why we would like to take a look with you at all the different possibilities and great examples of live dashboards in this blog.

Dashboards with live rankings

A dashboard with live rankings gives you a visual overview of your usage of the app. Current activities, history and analysis of your activity can all be found in a dashboard. This makes it possible to get the most out of the app. Sports and Health apps are leaders in the field of live dashboards. But what could this mean for us? Than continue reading..

Best Practices

There are many different Sports and Health apps that help you get fit and stay fit. Here at Toogethr we are very impressed by the live dashboards of Strava and Samsung S Health. The reason is their interactive and structured dashboards with insights in activities and performance of the user. The apps offer support in an active and healthy lifestyle with the help of interactive and personalized dashboards.


Strava is a mobile app and website to get the most out of your exercise.  You can come in contact with millions of athletes worldwide through the app. Strava gives you an overview of your traveled distances in kilometers and duration. It is very easy to view your history and compare performances. Want to show your family and friends where you are? Send your live location!

Samsung S Health

Samsung S Health is a tracker for activities, nutrition and sleep. You can determine your own goals in the app. Discover when you reached achievement and when you need to be more active. Samsung S Health can detect workouts automatically. It is also very easy to analyze your progress.

Toogethr & live dashboards

What can we take away from these examples for our own app? Apps like Strava and Samsung S Health show all the possibilities live dashboards have. Dashboards bring your activities, progress and milestones to live. Additionally, you can arrange them as desired. The possibilities for Toogethr are endless.  Like: dashboards with an overview of all your rides, driven kilometers and hours, amount of saved CO2, send live locations and set goals and milestones. These are options that we are investigating at this moment. We like to hear what you think about this. What is your point of view when it comes to live dashboards? And what kind of features and statistics would you like to see? Let us know in the poll below:

Which new features would you like to see in a Toogethr live dashboard?

Overview of all your rides
Driven kilometers and hours
Saved amount of CO2
Send live location
Goals and milestones
Please Specify:

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