End user license for Toogethr Events

Extent of user right

  1. Toogethr Event grants a user right for the Toogethr Events App (hereafter App). This user right is limited to a number of users and is therefore person-related. The App may only be used on the device it has been downloaded and installed upon.
  2. The aim of the App is to provide a service for the private market. Users are of course free to use Toogethr in any way they see fit, within the limits set out in these terms and conditions and of the law.
  3. It is not permitted to:
    1. reverse-engineer the source code of the App or to decompile the App, unless this is permitted by the provision of mandatory law or applicable open source license;
    2. transfer a copy of the App to third parties;
    3. sublicense the App or make it available to third parties through leasing, Software-as-a-Service constructions or otherwise;
    4. make alterations to the App, unless this is permitted by provision of mandatory law;
    5. remove or make illegible indications of Toogethr as the rightful claimant to the App or parts thereof.
  4. You are permitted to make a backup copy of the App. This backup copy may, however, not be used independently or be made available or sold other than in combination with the original App.
  5. Next to the provisions included below, Apple’s App store can set conditions for acquiring and using the App and matters related to it.
  6. Next to the provisions included below, Google Play can set conditions for acquiring and using the App and matters related to it.
  7. Please refer to the user terms and conditions and privacy statement of Apple’s App store, Google Play and any applicable terms and conditions on the website of the relevant provider.

Transport agreement between Driver and Passenger

  1. When you agree to share a ride with another User via Toogethr, a direct Transport agreement between you and that other User is made. You agree that the “P2P Transport agreement always applies to this/these Transport agreement(s) between you and the other User.

Intellectual property

  1. All rights to the App, the corresponding documentation and all changes and extensions lie and rest with Toogethr Events. You will solely acquire the user rights and authorisations arising from the effect of this agreement or granted in writing and you may not use, copy or publish the App in any other way.
  2. All (intellectual) property rights on any information that is a part of this website of Toogethr Events are at all times vested in us or our licensors.
  3. This also includes data placed by users.
  4. The App includes third party open source software. Their respective owners grant you a user right under the relevant open source licenses. You will find these in the manual. This end user license does not apply to open source packages, and nothing in this end user license can be taken to imply any restriction of a right granted to you under an open source license.

No compensation

  1. The user right is granted free of charge.

Personal data

  1. The App processes personal data. This personal data will be processed in accordance with the privacy policy to be found on this website.


  1. From time to time, Toogethr Events issues updates which can remedy faults or improve the performance of the App. Available updates for the App will be made known through notification via Apple’s App store, Google Play, where it is your responsibility to keep up with these notifications. The updates are also performed via this platform and this requires an active internet connection.
  2. Installation of updates is done with your separate consent. Toogethr Events relies upon the availability of Apple’s App store and Google Play, which is beyond the control of Toogethr Events, for a proper performance of the updates. Toogethr Events is neither responsible nor liable for a correct performance of the updates. No liability is assumed for damages as a result of errors that have been eliminated in a non-installed update.
  3. An update may impose conditions that deviate from the provisions of this agreement. You will always be notified in advance and this allows you to refuse the update. By installing such an update you consent with these deviating terms and conditions.


  1. You are responsible for the installation and commissioning of the App and the corresponding web service.
  2. Please contact our helpdesk via if you need assistance with creating your Toogethr Events-account. Check the website for availability and opening hours of the Toogethr Events helpdesk. If you have any questions or complaints about a Transport agreement, then please contact us via We will strive to resolve your complaints as soon as possible. We cannot, however, guarantee to resolve all complaints.
  3. Feedback about the App can be given via Apple’s App store and Google Play, after which Toogethr Events will assess if support is needed. If necessary, Toogethr Events will contact you.

Duration user right

  1. These provisions enter into effect at the commissioning of the App and shall remain in force during the use of the App.

Other provisions

  1. Toogethr Events only offers the service for driver and passenger(s) to ride together to the event. Toogethr Events is in no way liable for the performance thereof nor for (consequential) damages arising from riding together.
  2. This end user license is governed by Dutch law.