P2P Transport agreement between Toogethr Events users

Get on the road safe and carefree. It’s better Toogethr!

We feel it’s important that event visitors can ride together carefree. Off course we assume that you are capable of organising that amongst yourselves. The driver who takes care of the transport to an event and the passenger who pays the parking fees for the car they use to ride together. Both driver and passenger want to feel at easy while riding together and want to have everything arranged in advance. To provide you with something to work with we have listed some guidelines. In short, this comes down to the following.

When you get in each other’s cars you enter into a so-called Peer-to-Peer (P2P) transport agreement with each other. That P2P agreement can be found on the website by clicking on P2P agreement.

It’s not nearly as complicated as it may sound. It answers questions about how you are rewarded and what happens in the event of a no-show.

It’s no disaster if sometimes things don’t go as you intended to. It is good to know, though, how we handle this.

You can read all about it in below agreements.

Do you have any questions? We are here for you. You can chat with us or send us an e-mail.


When Driver and Passenger (hereafter together “Parties” and separately “Party”) agree to share ride via Toogethr Events, these agreements form a “Transport agreement” between Parties. This “P2P Agreement applies to that Transport agreement. The same definitions apply to this P2P Agreement as those in the EULA to which Driver and Passenger are also subjected.


  1. Driver will perform the agreed upon ride by using a car and to ?? The Passenger will pay the parking fees at the event via the App, according to the guidelines. These guidelines will be made known to the Passenger via e-mail. Driver will ???
  2. Driver shall ensure car seats are available to Passenger and any other agreed upon fellow travellers in the car to be used. This car should also be safe and clean, adequately insured, APK-inspected (if necessary), and have a maximum of eight car seats for passengers.
  3. Driver has a valid driver’s license and will comply with the traffic rules.
  4. Driver is allowed to bring more than one Passenger along on a ride, but no more than the number of car seats available in the car.
  5. Driver undertakes to be present at the agreed time and place and to drive directly to the destination, unless Parties have agreed upon otherwise.
  6. Driver does not fall under the scope of the 2000 Passenger Transport Act (Wet personenvervoer 2000) and does therefore not have to comply with any requirements under that act. If Passenger has not paid the parking fees in time, Driver will not be able to park in the way designated in the App and Driver will have to park at his/her own expense or look for another Passenger via the Toogethr Events App.
  7. If Driver does not bring Passenger back from the event and/or does not bring Passenger back to the agreed upon pickup place, Driver owes Passenger a monetary claim equal to the amount of the parking fees plus Passenger’s demonstrable costs to get home again.


  1. Passenger will comply with traffic rules and ??? any safety instructions of Driver during the ride
  2. Passenger does not owe Driver any reimbursements other than the timely payment of the parking fees and the manner of payment of those parking fees mentioned in the App. Passenger will be present on time at the agreed upon time and place.
  3. If Passenger wishes to bring along luggage different from the usual, this should be agreed in advance with Driver. Driver is free to withdraw the offer to take Passenger with him in response to this. If, because of this reason, Passenger does not ride along it will be regarded as a “No-Show” ???
  4. The Transport agreement may mean that Passenger brings one or more fellow traveller(s). Passenger is the only Party in the Transport agreement – not any of his fellow passenger(s). Passenger warrants that his fellow travellers comply with the Transport agreement and that they comply with and will perform these agreements.
  5. In the unforeseen event that Driver cannot take the Passenger on the ride returning from the Event, Passenger will have a monetary claim equal to the parking fees plus demonstrable costs for getting home again based on the P2P agreement.


  1. Parties will be present on time at the pickup point, unless Parties have agreed upon a deviating departure place and/or time
  2. Parties will inform each other in the event of delay or any other deviation from the agreement. It is upon Parties to collude if they agree with these deviating ???
  3. If the ride is not performed because one of the Parties is more than 15 minutes late or does not show up at all there is a “No-Show”.
  4. In the event of a Party’s No-Show, the other party does not have to wait or take it into consideration.
  5. In the event of a No-Show by Passenger and/or any of his fellow traveller(s), Driver shall either find another Passenger or continue his ride to the Event without Passenger. The parking fees, if Driver wants to use the parking facilities at the Event, will be at his cost. He will, however, have a claim on the Passenger that has caused the No-Show.
  6. In the event of a Now-Show by Driver, Passenger will have to find another Driver who can use the parking facilities at the Event as described in the App. Should passenger fail to (timely) do so, Passenger will have a monetary claim on Driver equal to the parking fees at the Event – if he has paid these.

Duration and termination of Transport agreement

  1. The Transport agreement will only be concluded when (1) one Party offers the other Party to drive a designated route; and (2) the other Party subsequently accepts this offer and (3) Passenger gets into Driver’s car.
  2. The Transport agreement terminates by the performance of the return ride
  3. The Transport agreement can be prematurely terminated in consultation (via Text or e-mail). Both parties are also obligated to inform support@toogethr.com as soon as possible about the annulled ride.
  4. If one of the Parties is not capable to perform this agreement due to compelling reasons, he/she undertakes to inform the other Party with reasons given without delay


  1. Parties may, at their own discretion, rate and review each other via Toogethr and on the website. In doing so, Parties will abide by the applicable legal requirements.
  2. This Transport agreement is governed by Dutch law.
  3. All disputes related to the P2P Agreement cannot be resolved amicably among Parties shall be submitted to the competent Dutch court