We make commuting at 1.5 meters easy.

Toogethr Safe Cycling: Safe & healthy by bike

Cycling does not only have the least risk of contagion; it also has a positive impact on our physical and mental health. With the Toogethr Cycles-app you encourage your employees to use their bikes more often. Of course, challenges among one another and mutual goals make cycling more fun.

Toogethr Smart Parking: Flexible working environment for employees

Traveling by your owncar or motorcycle comes second on the rankings of transport. If you, the employer, have limited parking facilities, this might be a source of concern for you. With the Toogethr SmartParking-solution you provide insight into the parking location and make it flexible.

Toogethr Ridesharing: Carpooling is safer than public transport

The risk of contagion is much more limited than in a packed train or bus, especially when you sit in the backseat diagonally behind the driver instead of in the passenger seat next to him/her. Using smart algorithms, our Toogethr Rideshare-solution matches commuting co-workers with each other based on their daily commuter traffic routines.

Sustainable solutions

How long the 6-feet society will last and what the measures will look like in the short- and long-term, nobody knows. But there is certainly a need of sustainable solutions for a safe and good design of the commuter traffic. Our smart mobility solutions contribute to the future-proof way of travelling and the positive effect your company wants to make by using sustainable solutions.

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