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Out of the car on the bike

Achieve sustainability goals

Boost physical & mental health

With Toogethr Cycles, you'll get more people to grab their bike. The result: less traffic jams, less CO2 emissions, better accessibility of your company and healthy employees.

Cycling together

Toogethr Cycles makes cycling more fun, more social, and much safer. Through the app, your employees can arrange rideshares, work together on goals, and take part in fun (company) challenges (such as 'cycle the Tour de France').

Cycling is rewarded

The app immediately converts cycled kilometres into loyalty points, which can be redeemed in the webshop specially designed for you. An extra boost, especially if the private kilometres are also included.

How it works

Continuous insight

Clear reports show you how many kilometres your employees have driven individually and collectively, and how much CO2 you have saved by letting them ride together.

Healthy employees

The bicycle is a responsible alternative to the car. Cycling has a relaxing effect and is good for mental and physical health. With Toogethr Cycles, you'll get your employees to grab their bikes more easily!

Socially responsible

Using Toogethr Cycles contributes to a strong image as an employer and shows a sustainable company that takes its responsibility seriously.

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