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Link to existing and new hardware

Provide access to multiple target groups

Valuable insights for optimal utilisation

Our user-friendly, intelligent parking management system allows you to allocate parking spaces flexibly and respond quickly to changing capacity demands. Make your car park easy and attractive for multiple target groups, such as administrators and tenants.

Optimal parking experience

Toogethr's parking system provides an optimal parking experience. Your users are always assured of a parking spot because they can reserve in advance. They enter the system with a QR-code, access pass or registration plate recognition, so no hassles at the barrier. Because the parking process is automated, you can fully focus on getting extra return from your parking facilities.

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Maximum efficiency

Achieve the perfect balance between effective parking and cost efficiency. As a manager, you always have an overview of the parking capacity of your parking spaces. You will therefore know where there is still room to rent out parking spaces and further optimise use of your car park. Potential users include short-term parkers who can immediately rent a parking space for a day using the handy parking portal.

Decentralised management

With Toogethr Parking you can leave the management of the parking spots to your tenants. This ensures efficient decentralised management of your parking locations, allowing your tenants and visitors to manage their own parking spaces. They can also control who uses their parking spaces and manage access themselves.

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More insight, more convenience and more turnover?
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Always a complete overview

Toogethr Parking has a dashboard for a clear overview of the parking activities of all parking locations. New tenants and parking sites are easily added to the dashboard, so you always have the correct user data. Suitable for managing any car park, from a single site to complex multi-tenant parking facilities.

Valuable insights

Real-time data gives valuable insights into the parking occupancy of all your locations. Based on this data, you know exactly when the parking pressure is high and you may need to scale up. But you can also see exactly when capacity remains unused, so you can adjust your parking policy accordingly. These valuable insights allow you to make targeted and correct decisions in real time.

Taking care of new hardware

We also take care of the purchase of new hardware and the connection with our system. If you already have hardware, we will help you link your existing systems to the intelligent Toogethr software. This way our parking management system always connects perfectly to your parking location.


With Toogethr's software, there is maximum flexibility for tenants and users , and there is guidance and control from the owner to realise the ultimate (value) optimization of parking facilities."

Robert Ciggaar
Director Asset Management Offices
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