It seems that the role of the office is changing structurally. The advantages of working from home will lead to a situation where we will be heading into the office less often and will want more flexibility in organising our working hours. For employers this is the perfect moment to promote flexible and sustainable commuting, for example by stimulating employees to use their bicycles more often. Toogethr Cycles is the perfect solution for that!

Vital employees as the basis of a successful organisation

A focus on sustainable mobility, of which cycling is an important part, contributes to achieving organisational goals in many different ways. By leaving their cars at home and taking their bikes to work more often, employees can contribute directly to fewer traffic jams and reduce overall CO2 emissions. By promoting the use of bicycles, every company can take the next step in achieving ambitious sustainability goals, while reducing parking pressure and improving your company's accessibility.

Vital employees are the basis for any successful company.

Perhaps even more important for the continuity and success of your company is the mental and physical health of your employees. Vital employees bring fresh energy and new ideas and enthuse other colleagues with their positive attitude. Employers play a crucial role in creating fit employees by stimulating healthy behavioural changes. With Toogethr Cycles, you have a tool in your hands that makes cycling attractive for business commuters. The Cycles app is also interesting for employees that work from home, because private kilometres are rewarded as well. 

Making cycling attractive for employees

As an employer, you may already be well on your way by encouraging your employees to become fitter and more energetic. But to really bring about a lasting healthy change in behaviour, cycling needs to become even more attractive. With Toogethr Cycles, users collect points with every ride that can later be exchanged for products, vouchers or donations to charities in a customised webshop. As a company you can choose to reward not just commuting kilometres, but also those from private rides. This will make Toogethr Cycles attractive even to employees who work a lot from home.

The smart app makes cycling more fun, more social and safer both for business and leisure.

What often happens at companies already using Toogethr Cycles is a close cycling community will form, which further contributes to the mutual bonds and involvement with the organisation. This social cohesion is strengthened by the opportunity to arrange rides together or to take up individual challenges which drives the competitive spirit among users of the app. Being active and sporty with a built-in competitive element is a combination that excites many employees.    


Actively spreading Toogethr Cycles

Some organisations find the idea of a shared app great, but don't know exactly how they can implement it within their company. Especially in larger organisations, an initiative like Toogethr Cycles can quickly lose positive attention when it isn't sufficiently publicised. With tailor-made (digital) promotion campaigns, matching communication messages and graphic elements in the look & feel of the company, Toogethr does more than just develop the app and provide technical support. Clear reports of app use make the app’s impact within your organisation clear. 

Do you want to know more about Toogethr Cycles and how you can realise a healthy behavioural change within your organisation? Contact us: we’d love to tell you more about it!