We have seen many companies struggling with their parking systems. They weren’t flexible enough and didn’t offer the desired data insights. In this blog, Yordi Koppenhagen, product owner parking at Toogethr, tells how Toogethr is bringing change in the world of parking with our online platform, even if you don't have the right hardware yet.

Time for modern, flexible solutions

Toogethr’s parking system was born out of a need that we saw in the market. We saw that many companies were facing parking problems, mainly that their parking systems were not flexible enough and did not offer enough insights. This makes sense, as the parking systems market has historically been driven by hardware. If one wants to set up a new car park, new barriers, a new server, a lot of iron and cables need to be purchased. But if you have all that, you still don't have the management information you actually need. The online technology and the flexibility you can achieve with it today simply hasn't reached the parking world yet. Just look at the tickets still being issued when you use a car park: the bar codes printed on them were developed in the 1950s. It’s now 2021! Time for a smart, modern, flexible solution, we thought.

The year is now 2021! Time for a smart, modern, flexible solution.

Smart layer over existing hardware

Our goal is not to sell hardware. Our goal is to change the parking world, with an online platform with all kinds of smart features. Parking garages where you can drive in and out with your mobile phone. Parking systems where employees can book a parking space a number of days in advance based on their commuting distance. Portals where employees can book time slots, so they can be sure there will be a space available for them when and where they expect it. We have developed a Smartbox that you can put on top of your existing hardware. If the software determines that a particular person is allowed to enter, then that iron barrier or steel entrance door will open. Give that hardware a new gasket and some fresh oil every now and then and you can keep using it for at least another forty years, but now with all the scalable features that our IoT solution offers.

Smartness including the hardware

What few people know is that we can also supply the hardware such as barriers and speed gates. If you don't have the hardware yet or if your hardware needs replacing, we can also take care of that for you. We can provide you with all the hardware you need and add our clever twist to it. In fact, we can arrange everything for you when it comes to parking facilities, regardless of what you have or don’t have. It's only when the barriers are rusted or the doors are oxidised that our magic stops. We can do a lot, but we cannot reverse that process. That's where our own hardware comes in.

What few people know is that we can also supply the hardware.

Numerous access methods

When we talk about magic, we are of course talking about our software. The software that determines whether a barrier stays closed or opens. There are countless ways of doing this. A very cool way is the license plate camera: super easy, the driver doesn't even have to lower their window and nobody has to touch anything, and throughput is fast. But we can also install a pass reader. Even if an organisation works with encrypted employee badges that cannot be read, we can make our Smartbox smart enough to recognise whose badge it is and grant access - or not, of course. This way, employees still only need one pass, from access to printing and parking. From code to access card and from registration number to QR code or pin card, our Smartbox can handle everything.

From registration number to debit card and from code to access card, our Smartbox can handle everything.

No complicated infrastructure needed

Even if there is no internet access near your barrier, we can still take your entire parking environment online with a 4G router. You don't need to work with your own servers and expensive fibre optic connections or complicated internet access at your car park; our online platform is set up in such a way that it is always available. On the rare occasion that a broad internet failure makes our parking platform unreachable, the Smartbox can step in and make its own decisions.