The world is preparing for the social distancing society. This includes numerous changes. One of those is the part the bicycle plays in our way of moving ourselves. And that is where there is a great opportunity for employers.

Additional bicycle paths under construction

One newspaper after the other heads about the additional bicycle paths that are being constructed worldwide in no time. Not just in our cycling country, but also in Paris, Milan, Brussels, and Berlin more space is created for the bike. Cycling does not only have the least chance of contamination; it also has a positive impact on our physical and mental health. Since it does not only help to prevent several diseases, it is also a good way of clearing the head and relax. More than enough reasons to get on that bike.

Positive change in behaviour

This development offers employers a great opportunity to create a positive change in behaviour. In addition to the advantages for the health of your employees, there are numerous arguments for wanting your employees to get on their bikes. It is good for your image as an employer, it contributes to achieving your sustainability goals and it offers you financial advantages. Furthermore, it saves you parking spots which is also a great advantage.

Mutual challenges, mutual goals, and great rewards  

The chance of getting your employees to cycle is now greater than ever. The Toogethr Cycles-app can assist you with that. Mutual challenges, mutual goals, and a great rewarding system, make cycling even more appealing. The points your employees save with the kilometers they cover, can be redeemed for presents in the webshop. As an employer you can stimulate the health of your employees even more by including the kilometers ridden during spare time. And when the circumstances are appropriate, colleagues can invite each other to ride together. It is safe and fun. 

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