Prepare yourself for a flexible working environment with Toogethr parking

Prepare yourself for a flexible working environment with Toogethr parking
Roos Bernink

After a long period of being on hold, the Netherlands finally gets more space. During his press conference prime minister Rutte announced the gradual relaxation of the measures as from May 11th. The 1.5m (6ft) distance will, however, still be the guiding principle. This relaxation will also impact the traffic volumes and subsequently our parking capacity. Providing a smart parking flow will offer your employees an optimum and flexible parking experience.

A significant decrease in the use of public transport

It is already getting busier on the road. Even though it is expected people will continue to work flexibly, we do go to the office by car more often. In addition to this, the roll of public transport has decreased considerably. It is almost impossible to keep a 1.5m (6ft) distance in public transport and therefore Rutte emphasized in the press conference to travel by bus, train or metro only when strictly necessary and especially to avoid the rush hours. There is a particularly good chance that the parking facilities will be packed again. How can the employer steer this in the right direction? 

Managing the capacity and make reservations in advance

In a previous blog we wrote that nobody wants to go back to the moments of stress, frustration and uncertainty in the parking situation. There is also no need to go back. Start getting insight in your parking capacity and in the demand for parking space. What are the busy hours and how can you encourage your people to work from home during those busy hours? Following this up by using reservations and managing your access to the parking facilities you will get real-time insight of the parking behavior of your employees and their visitors. This is how you create the ultimate balance between occupation and policy. 

Insight to the hour

We built a web portal for Danone. Employees can log in and make reservations for a parking spot, for an hour, half a day or a couple of days a week. This enables you, the employer, to be aware of the actual occupation of your parking facility at any moment of the day, and your employees are sure whether they will be able to park. Are there no parking spots available at your own parking facility and people still want to come to the office? You can guide them towards another parking location. This way there will be no hassle or dangerous situations as a result of long queues in front of your barrier. 

Toogethr parking

With our Toogethr Parking-software we digitize parking facilities by adding a software layer to your barrier. It is even possible if you do not have a smart barrier yet. You will know when people enter or exit, and you can start making your parking facilities smarter and make better use of what already is available.

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