Client case

Campus Werkspoor

Campus Werkspoor is a location in Utrecht with 36 tenants, both large and small. There are a total of 329 parking spaces divided over 2 areas. The tenants all rent their own parking spaces, but no one had any overview of the car park’s capacity utilisation. In addition, new challenges arose in the neighbourhood leading Campus Werkspoor to close their public car park. Toogethr Parking offered the perfect solution.

What we did

Campus Werkspoor was given a full A-to-Z level of service. First, there was a kick-off meeting on-location, after which a plan was drawn up with a sketch of the current situation. Then the implementation process started by installing and setting up the hardware to allow users to enter the car park in various ways.  We set up barriers, pillars, license plate cameras, card readers and pinter terminals for Campus Werkspoor.

The project ended with the training programme for both the tenants and users at Campus Werkspoor to help them use the new system. This ensured that the workflows will not end up all leading to a single person, but that the tenants themselves could also contribute to the management of the car park. This allows Campus Werkspoor and its tenants to manage the capacity and flexibility of their parking environment in an innovative way. If they have any questions about the system or if they require technical support, they can always contact Toogethr.


Campus Werkspoor



What have we achieved?

For Campus Werkspoor this means no more worries from A to Z. The result is that Campus Werkspoor and the tenants can manage everything from one software solution. This gives everyone more insight into the capacity of the parking environment. This flexibility improves the parking experience for both Campus Werkspoor and the tenants of the parking spaces. Through Toogethr Parking, 11,826 parking transactions have already taken place.