Client case

City of Amsterdam Piet Heintunnel

Through a tender, the municipality of Amsterdam was looking for a side that could contribute to the accessibility of the city by encouraging bicycles during the closure of the Piet Heintunnel. The municipality was looking for (mobility) solutions to limit the nuisance as much as possible during the closure of the Piet Heintunnel. Toogethr Cycles fitted in well with this.

What we did

The tender was won and we immediately started adapting the Toogethr Cycles app. A new validation system has been designed. The validation zones are special cycle through zones that could possibly be an alternative to the Piet Heintunnel. At first the Toogethr Cycles app was only suitable for organisations and companies. The wish of the municipality of Amsterdam was to allow private users to participate as well. That is why a registration website has been designed and built so that anyone who is in Amsterdam can download and use the app.

To make people enthusiastic about the Toogethr Cycles app, a large referral campaign has taken place. During this promotion, participating cyclists invited many others. New challenges are also rolled out monthly and people who live in Amsterdam can start personal challenges themselves. For example the 'Win an E-bike challenge', where cyclists can win a free e-bike trial week.

Toogethr's flexibility contributes to the objectives of this project and to a pleasant collaboration. The app is always in line with what is needed at a particular moment.”
Lisanne de Wijs
Mobility manager renovation Piet Heintunnel


City of Amsterdam


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