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500 employees and only 110 parkingspots A clear concept for Heineken International. At the end of 2019, Heineken International’s Global Procurement and Global Supply Chain departments moved from Zoeterwoude, the Netherlands, to The Base D, a modern and sustainable office building at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. More than 500 employees now work at this location, many of whom commute every day from Zoeterwoude, around 30 kilometres away. Heineken assembled a special task force who worked with Toogethr to answer one complex question: How can you serve all those employees with a customised parking concept with only 110 parking spaces?

A solid Policy

Toogethr developed a parking policy for Heineken International that allocates ‘parking rights’ to each employee. These rights are based on how far the employee has to commute and what the difference in their travel time is between driving and using public transport. They started by splitting employees into two different categories of car park users. Group one, employees from the focus group (who always have a guaranteed spot), can register a week in advance. Saying when they will come to work and whether they want to reserve a parking space for that day. Group two, the remaining employees, have the option of reserving parking spaces up to 48 hours in advance based on current availability

Continuous monitoring

Employees who reserve a spot can drive in and out using a key card, a QR code or licence plate recognition, for which Toogethr also supplied the hardware. Because Toogethr’s system allows for continuous monitoring, the system reacts fast whenever the car park starts to fill to the max capacity. Whenever that happens, employees may be allocated a parking space in the vicinity, or asked to carpool instead.

Heineken Portal

The new parking policy also defines how Heineken International employees can digitally reserve their parking spaces in The Base’s underground car park. Heineken outsourced the reservation management for the 110 parking spaces to Toogethr, which developed the Heineken Portal ( for that purpose. The Heineken Portal enables fast, efficient reservation processing, along with continuous monitoring of parking demand and available spaces.

Successful collaboration

As with all of Toogethr’s projects, strong collaboration was the key to success here. Toogether worked closely with Heineken’s Mobility Tribe in the lead-up to the project, with the manager of The Base Schiphol and the team at SKIDATA (the supplier of the parking hardware) during the implementation stage. Toogethr’s experience with bringing the right energy into partnerships like these, both on the client and supplier side, was a major factor in the project’s success, helping to create solutions to even the most complex parking problems.




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