Legal licenses

Version: june 2020

1. Applicability of general terms and conditions, offer and acceptance

1.1 These general terms and conditions are applicable to any and all propositions, agreements and proposals that derive from the same by and between TOOGETHR in Utrecht, registered in the Trade Register of the Chamber of Commerce under number 66724821, and its other parties, the latter hereinafter referred to as: the ‘Client’.

1.2 Provisions or general terms and conditions of the Client are expressly not applicable and are, to the extent that the Client refers to the same, expressly rejected by TOOGETHR. Only terms and conditions of the Client expressly accepted by TOOGETHR in writing are applicable.

1.3 TOOGETHR prepares an offer in which TOOGETHR indicates what activities, hereinafter referred to as: the ‘Services’, TOOGETHR offers to perform for the Client, what is included with the Services and what amount shall be payable for it. Only the description of the Services included in the offer has binding effect.

1.4 In general, the services include the delivery and maintenance of the TOOGETHR software on behalf of the Client, the delivery of software under license, the provision of remote support, and everything related thereto. Other work will only be carried out if this is stated in the quotation.

1.5 An offer is entirely subject to contract and valid until it is revoked by TOOGETHR, unless indicated otherwise in the offer. TOOGETHR can never be held to accept acceptance after the said period, however if TOOGETHR does proceed accordingly, then the offer is yet accepted.

1.6 The agreement is concluded at the moment that the communication comprising acceptance of the offer by the Client is received by TOOGETHR. This communication can be sent by email.

1.7 If the Client does not expressly indicate to agree with the offer, but nonetheless agrees, or creates this impression, that TOOGETHR performs activities that fall within the description of the Services then the offer is deemed to have been accepted. This also applies when the Client requests TOOGETHR to perform certain activities without waiting for a formal offer.

1.8 In case of requests for contract extras TOOGETHR shall issue an appropriate offer or perform the same at the prices then stipulated with the Client, at additional costs.

2. Delivery of the Services

2.1 After the agreement has been concluded the Services shall be performed by TOOGETHR as soon as possible in conformity with the offer, in consideration of reasonable wishes of the Client. Without prejudice to the provisions set forth in article 2.8 of these General Terms and Conditions, TOOGETHR is always authorised to hire third parties for the performance of the Services and to grant sub-licenses to the Client instead of licences. This shall never result in a shortcoming on the part of TOOGETHR and TOOGETHR thus complies correctly with the agreement with the Client.

2.2 The Client is held to do and omit everything that is reasonably appropriate and required to enable a correct and timely performance of the Services. The Client particularly ensures that any and all data of which TOOGETHR indicates that they are required, or of which the Client should reasonably understand that they are required, for the performance of the Services are made available to TOOGETHR in a timely fashion.

2.3 A period for the completion of the contract, or parts of the contract, specified by TOOGETHR is merely of an indicative scope, unless the nature or the content of the agreement expressly indicates otherwise. In case of an overstepping of the specified period the Client must give TOOGETHR written notice of default and grant TOOGETHR a period of at least thirty (30) days to yet comply.

2.4 Unless stipulated otherwise, the performance of tests, the application of permits and exemptions, the implementation of instructions of the Client and the verification whether statutory or quality standards are met do not pertain to the contract or fall under the responsibility of TOOGETHR.

2.5 The Client shall provide TOOGETHR access to any and all locations, services and accounts managed by the same (e.g. web hosting accounts) that TOOGETHR reasonably requires to supply the Services.

2.6 TOOGETHR supplies the Services accurately, properly and in the best way possible. Without prejudice to the provisions set forth in article 2.8 of these General Terms and Conditions, TOOGETHR is always entitled to hire third parties for the performance of the Services. TOOGETHR is and remains the contractual other party responsible and liable vis-à-vis the Client in connection with the concluded agreement, unless the situation as intended in article
2.8 of these General Terms and Conditions occurs.

2.7 TOOGETHR is entitled, but never held, to examine the correctness, completeness or coherence of the source materials, requirements or specifications made available to the same and in case of the observance of potential inaccuracies suspend the stipulated activities up to the moment that the Client has removed the relevant inaccuracies.

2.8 Unless stipulated otherwise, TOOGETHR is not a party to the delivery of services of third parties, e.g. software licences or hosting, that are required with the Services, neither if TOOGETHR purchases the said services for the benefit of the Client. With software licences delivered with the Service it depends on the supplier whether TOOGETHR is the contractual party of the Client or the supplier. TOOGETHR shall inform adequately about this.

2.9 TOOGETHR is entitled not to (temporarily) deliver the Services or in a limited fashion, in other words: to fully or partly suspend its obligations vis-à-vis the Client if the Client does not comply with an obligation pursuant to the agreement vis-à-vis TOOGETHR or acts in violation of these General Terms and Conditions.

3. Provisions about maintenance

3.1 Maintenance is understood as having the Services and/or software operate in conformity with the offer or further arrangements, and more in general the remedy of errors.

3.2 TOOGETHR shall make an effort to perform the maintenance in the best way possible, however often depends on its supplier(s) and third parties for updates, error remedy software ('patches') or spare parts.

3.3 As part of the maintenance TOOGETHR shall make an effort to remedy errors regarding the delivered Services and thereto-pertaining software. In this respect TOOGETHR does, however, depend on supplier(s) and third parties. In case of a new functionality or changes that may essentially change the performance of the software TOOGETHR shall have prior consultations about this with the Client.

3.4 The Client can communicate changes and/or functionalities of the software to TOOGETHR. TOOGETHR is always entitled to refuse a request if, at its discretion, it is not feasible or may hinder a proper operation or availability of the software.

3.5 If, at the discretion of a supplier of TOOGETHR, a requested change may have an adverse effect on the operation or the security of the software then TOOGETHR shall report this to the Client in writing.

4. Provisions about remote support

4.1 If for the use of the services and products of TOOGETHR, service and maintenance has been agreed, this is stated separately in the offer/contract with the client. The following situations shall not be regarded as service and support disruptions:

- Interruptions as a result of changes to the service at the request of the client;

- Interruptions whereby specialists of Toogethr or its suppliers do not get access to the equipment to perform repair work;

- Interruptions as a result of adjustments to or disturbance of external factors (e.g. power failure, network availability, etc.);
5. Installation and configuration

5.1 if a cooperation/integration with a third party and/or software licenses of third parties is/are necessary for the use of the services with Client, Client will purchase these licenses and ensure that all necessary provisions are complied with. The Client indemnifies TOOGETHR against claims of third parties concerning installation and/or licenses, except insofar the claims are the result of information or licenses provided by TOOGETHR.

6. Development of works

6.1 If a Service extends to the development, configuration and/or adjustment of websites, data files, software, documentation, recommendations, reports, analyses, designs, texts, photos, films, audio recordings, images, audio-visual material, logos or corporate identities (hereinafter referred to as: the ‘Works’) then TOOGETHR is, unless stipulated otherwise, entitled to use images, software and components of third parties during the development, configuration or adjustment of Works.

6.2 TOOGETHR is allowed to use open source software of which the rights belong to third parties. This implies, inter alia, that TOOGETHR can deliver open source software to the Client and can process open source software in Works that TOOGETHR develops or adjusts in the context of a Service. If the licence of certain open source software implies that the Client can only distribute (parts of) software as open source then TOOGETHR shall inform the Client sufficiently about any and all applicable licensing conditions.

6.3 After delivery the responsibility for correct compliance with the relevant licences of third parties during the use of the developed Works is vested in the Client.

7. Delivery and acceptance

7.1 After the performance of the implementation activities or parts of it TOOGETHR shall deliver the result when this does, in its professional opinion, comply with the specifications or is suitable for use.

7.2 The Client must then, within a reasonable period after delivery, evaluate the delivered goods and approve or reject the same. If the Client does not reject the delivered goods within the said period then the delivered goods are deemed to have been accepted.

7.3 If an implementation service or work is delivered in phases then the Client must after delivery of every phase issue the approval or rejection of the part of the Service or the work of the said phase in the manner as determined in the previous paragraph. The Client cannot base an approval or rejection in a later phase on aspects that have already been approved in an earlier phase.

7.4 If the Client fully or partly rejects the delivered goods then TOOGETHR shall make an effort to remove the reason of the rejection as soon as possible, if the said rejection is founded. TOOGETHR can do this by revising the result or by indicating in a substantiated manner why the reason is not relevant. The Client then again has a reasonable period to approve or reject the revision or substantiation.

7.5 After acceptance of the delivered goods each and every liability for defects of the delivered goods expires, unless TOOGETHR was familiar or had to be familiar with the defect at the time of acceptance. Each and every liability for defects does in any case expire after a period of one year has lapsed since the termination of the Agreement, for any reason whatsoever.

8. Intellectual property rights

8.1 Any and all intellectual property rights in respect of any and all Services, software or Works developed or delivered by TOOGETHR in the context of the agreement are exclusively vested in TOOGETHR or its licensors. Exclusively of expressly indicated in the offer or expressly stipulated separately can rights be transferred to the Client.

8.2 The Client exclusively acquires the user rights and authorities that derive from the scope of the agreement or that are granted in writing and for the remainder the Client shall not reproduce or disclose materials of the Works or other results of Services. Each and every use, reproduction or disclosure of the materials that falls outside the scope of the agreement or the granted user rights is qualified as an infringement of the copyrights. The Client shall forfeit an immediately claimable penalty that is not susceptible to judicial moderation of € 25,000 (in words: twenty-five thousand euros) per infringing act to TOOGETHR. This does not alter the right of TOOGETHR to claim compensation for its damages resulting from the infringement or to impose other legal measures in order to terminate the infringement. 8.3 The Client is entitled to make changes in the Works in respect of which it acquires a user right, however only if that was expressly included in the agreement.

8.4 The Client is not entitled to a copy of source files of delivered Services, software or Works, unless this was expressly and unambiguously established in writing in the agreement.

8.5 The Client is not allowed to remove or change any indication regarding copyrights, trademarks, trade names or other intellectual property rights from the materials, including indications regarding the confidential nature and confidentiality of the materials.

9. Prices and payment

9.1 The Client purchases the Services or software:

1. Subscription basis, i.e. a fixed amount per period based on the agreed size of the number of users (contracted users), this amount must be paid in advance to an agreed period; and/or

2. Supplemented with any variable recurring costs, i.e. an amount per active user above the number of contracted users and/or supplemented with license fees. This amount must be paid per period afterwards. For this purpose, TOOGETHR uses the following definitions: a)
A user is considered 'active' when it is in the by Toogethr made available website and / or application has gone through the registration process and / or is registered as a user; b)
on each first day of the calendar month ('the reference moment') the number of active users within the community is determined. If the number of active users exceeds the agreed number of contracted users ("the overshoot"), this overshoot will be invoiced in advance for the next month subject to the following fair-use policy: invoicing follows when the overshoot on the reference date is at least 5% compared to the contracted users in the immediately preceding period. If the excess is more than 5%, the total excess including that 5% will be charged;

3. Supplemented with any costs on a project basis, i.e. a fixed amount per project, this amount must be paid in advance; and/or

4. Supplemented by any costs on a management basis for consultancy at a fixed rate. This amount must be paid afterwards.

9.2 During the term consultations shall take place between TOOGETHR and the Client that are related to the specific Contract, barring urgent circumstances.

9.3 TOOGETHR shall send a digital invoice to the Client for the amounts payable by the Client.

9.4 Unless stipulated otherwise in the agreement, the payment term of digital invoices of TOOGETHR is one month after the date of the invoice. If the Client does not pay in a timely fashion then the Client shall, after the expiry of the said term, be in default by operation of law without any notice of default being required for this. If a payable amount is not paid within the payment term then the statutory (commercial) interest shall be payable in the outstanding amount of the invoice.

9.5 If the Client is of the opinion that (a part of) a digital invoice is incorrect then the Client must report this to TOOGETHR within the payment term. The payment obligation of the disputed (but not the remaining) amount is suspended until TOOGETHR has examined the notification. If it becomes apparent after examination by TOOGETHR that the dispute was wrong then the Client must yet pay the disputed amount within seven days.

9.6 In case of late payment the Client is, apart from the payable amount and the interest accrued on the same, held to fully reimburse both the extrajudicial and the judicial (collection) costs, including the fees for lawyers, bailiffs and collection agencies. Moreover, TOOGETHR is, as the occasion arises, entitled to charge administration costs at € 50.

9.7 The claim for payment immediately falls due if the Client is declared insolvent, applies for suspension of payment or a general attachment is imposed on asset components of the Client, the Client passes away, enters into liquidation or is dissolved.

10. Confidentiality

10.1 The parties shall handle information that they provide to each other before, during or after the implementation of the agreement confidentially if the said information is marked as confidential or if the receiving party understands or should understand that the information was meant to be confidential. The parties also impose this obligation on their employees as also on the third parties hired by them for the implementation of the agreement.

10.2 TOOGETHR shall make an effort to avoid that it takes note of data that the Client stores and/or distributes via the hardware or software to which the Services are related, unless this is required for a proper implementation of the agreement or if TOOGETHR is held to do so pursuant to a statutory provision or a judicial order. As the occasion arises, TOOGETHR shall make an effort to limit knowledge of the data as much as possible, to the extent that this is within its control.

10.3 TOOGETHR can use the knowledge that it gained during the implementation of the agreement for other contracts, to the extent that in this respect information of the Client is not made available to third parties in violation of the confidentiality obligations.

10.4 The obligations pursuant to this article also remain in full force and effect after termination of the agreement, for any reason whatsoever, and the latter as long as the party that supplies the information can reasonably claim the confidential nature of the information.

11. Liability

11.1 TOOGETHR shall only be liable vis-à-vis the Client in case of an attributable failure to comply with the agreement and exclusively for alternative compensation, i.e. compensation for the value of the omitted performance.

11.2 Each and every liability of TOOGETHR for any form of damages is excluded, including, but not limited to, additional compensation in any form whatsoever, compensation for indirect damages or consequential damages, damages due to lost turnover or profit, damages due to a loss of data as well as damages due to an overstepping of periods as a result of changed circumstances. 11.3 The liability of TOOGETHR on account of an attributable failure to comply with the agreement only arises if the Client gives TOOGETHR direct and proper written notice of default, in the course of which a reasonable period is imposed to remedy the failure, and TOOGETHR also continues failing to comply with its obligations after the said period. The notice of default must contain a description of the failure that is as detailed as possible in order that TOOGETHR is able to react to it adequately.

11.4 In case of force majeure, including in any case disruptions or failures of the internet, the telecommunications infrastructure, power failures, domestic disturbances, mobilisation, war, traffic difficulties, industrial action, lock-out, business disruptions, stagnation in the supply, fire, flooding, import and export restrictions and in the event that TOOGETHR is, due to its own suppliers, regardless of the relevant reason, not able to deliver as a result of which compliance with the agreement can reasonably not be required of TOOGETHR, the implementation of the agreement shall be suspended or the agreement shall be terminated if the situation of force majeure has continued for more than ninety days, all without any obligation to pay compensation.

12. Term and termination

12.1 The agreement is concluded for an open term, unless expressly stipulated otherwise between the parties in the agreement.

12.2 Termination takes place as included in the agreement / signed proposal. Termination takes place effective from the end of the calendar month in which termination takes place. There is question of a continuing performance agreement if a term at the start of the said continuing performance agreement of more than one year was stipulated.

12.3 After notice, termination or rescission, for any reason whatsoever, TOOGETHR shall be entitled to, immediately after the date that the agreement expires, delete any and all data retained for the benefit of the Client, unless statutory provisions impose otherwise on TOOGETHR. TOOGETHR is, as the occasion arises, not held to provide the Client with a copy of the said data free of charge.

12.4 The agreement comes to an end automatically if a party is declared insolvent, applies for suspension of payment or a general attachment is imposed on its assets, passes away or is dissolved.

13. Changes in the agreement

13.1 Changes in the agreement concluded by and between the Parties is only possible and legally valid if the said changes are expressly stipulated in writing.

13.2 If the agreement is a continuing performance agreement then TOOGETHR is, however, entitled to adjust or expand these general terms and conditions once every calendar year. To this end it must inform the Client at least two months before the adjustments or expansions shall take effect. Changes in the general terms and conditions do not affect the specific arrangements between the Parties and neither affect the essence of the performances to be delivered by TOOGETHR.

13.3 If the Client objects within the period of two months, as intended in article 13.2 of these general terms and conditions, then TOOGETHR shall consider whether it wants to revoke the objectionable adjustments or expansions or not. TOOGETHR shall communicate the said decision to the Client. If TOOGETHR does not want to revoke the adjustments or expansions that are objectionable to the Client then the Client is entitled to terminate the agreement effective from the start date of the changed general terms and conditions, unless the change is of such minor importance that it does not justify this kind of termination of the agreement.

13.4 TOOGETHR can implement changes in these general terms and conditions at any time if they are necessary due to amended statutory provisions. These kinds of changes do not entitle the Client to terminate or otherwise rescind the agreement.

13.5 The provisions set forth in this article – Changes in the agreement – are equally applicable to the change of prices, unless they were stipulated contractually between the Parties prior to the change.

14. Final provisions

14.1 Dutch law is applicable to this agreement. To the extent that mandatory statutory rules do not prescribe otherwise, any and all disputes that may arise further to this agreement are brought to the cognisance of the competent Dutch court for the district where TOOGETHR holds its corporate seat.

14.2 If a provision of this agreement appears to be invalid then this shall not affect the validity of the entire agreement. As the occasion arises the Parties shall establish a new provision (new provisions) by way of replacement, which best approaches the intention of the original agreement and these general terms and conditions.

14.3 For the purpose of these terms and conditions ‘in writing’ is also understood as email and communication by facsimile, provided that the identity of the sender and the correctness and completeness of the content of the communication is sufficiently proven. The Parties shall make an effort to confirm the receipt and content of communication by email.

14.4 The written communication received from or on behalf of the Client or retained by TOOGETHR qualifies as authentic, barring evidence to the contrary to be furnished by the Client.

14.5 A Party is only entitled to transfer its rights and obligations pursuant to the agreement to a third party with prior written consent of the other Party. In derogation from the foregoing, TOOGETHR shall always be authorised to transfer its rights and obligations from the agreement to a parent company, subsidiary or sister company.


This version consists of 8 pages and is available on the website of TOOGETHR under General Terms and Conditions version june 2020.

Version: june 2020

Toogethr processes your personal data because you use our services and/or because you personally supply them to us. Toogethr processes personal data in accordance with the applicable legislation and regulations, agreements with customers and suppliers, arrangements with the employees and the (privacy) policy within Toogethr and its companies. These data can, for instance, be related to your name and address details or your email address. But also the personal data that you actively supply, e.g. by sharing information with Toogethr in correspondence or by telephone; location details, details about your activities on our website, your surfing behaviour, et cetera. Toogethr keeps a register with which the legitimacy, transparency, purpose limitation and correctness of processing activities of personal data can be monitored in order that Toogethr can give account about this.

1. Purpose limitation
In general Toogethr processes your personal data for the following purposes:

1. The shipment of products via our web shop.
2. The validation of “journeys” conducted.
3. The sending of reports about obtained results.
4. The sending of our newsletters.
5. The offer of customer support.
6. Informing you of changes in our services and products.  
7. The analysis of your behaviour on our website in order to thus improve the website.

2. How long we retain personal data
Toogethr does not retain your personal data longer than strictly required for the realisation of the purposes for which your data are collected. We established the retention periods for the various categories of personal data in our processing registers. Toogethr shares your personal data with third parties if this is required for the implementation of the agreement concluded with you and to comply with potential statutory obligations. In other instances Toogethr only supplies your personal data to other parties if you gave express consent to this.
We conclude a processing agreement with organisations that process your personal data under the authority of Toogethr in order to ensure a similar level of security and confidentiality of your data. Toogethr remains responsible for the said processing. Toogethr shall not sell collected data to other parties without written consent.

3. Cookies, or comparable techniques, that we use
Toogethr uses functional, analytical and tracking cookies. A cookie is a small text file that is stored in the browser of your computer, tablet or smartphone during the first visit to our website. Toogethr uses cookies with a merely technical functionality. They ensure that the website operates properly and that, for instance, your preferred settings are remembered. These cookies are also used to have the website operate properly and to be able to optimise it.
Moreover, we place cookies that keep track of your surfing behaviour in order that we can offer you customised content and advertisements.

During your first visit to our website we have already informed you of these cookies and asked consent for their placing. You can deregister for cookies by configuring your browser in such way that it no longer stores cookies. In addition, you can also delete all the information that was stored previously via the settings of your browser. You can find an explanation via:

Third parties also place cookies on our website. For instance advertisers and/or media companies. If you arrive at the website or application of a third party via a digital service of Toogethr then the terms and conditions and privacy rules of the relevant organisation are applicable. As the occasion arises we advise you to consult the privacy statement of this partner and/or third party.

4. Inspect, correct or delete data
You are entitled to inspect, correct or have your personal data deleted. In addition, you are entitled to revoke your potential consent to the data processing, object to the processing of your personal data and you are entitled to data portability.

You can send a request for inspection, correction, deletion, data portability, revocation of your consent or objection to the processing of your personal data to To be certain that the request for inspection is made by you, we ask you to include a copy of your identity document or passport. Black out the Machine Readable Zone (MRZ), i.e. the bar with numbers at the bottom of the identity document and passport, the document number and your civil service number (BSN) on this copy. The latter to protect your privacy. You receive an answer to your email from us within 2 days. Your request is, in any case, handled within 4 weeks.
You can also object to the receipt of information of direct offers from Toogethr by email, telephone, post and/or SMS; you can also send this kind of request to

5. How we secure personal data
Toogethr takes appropriate technical and organisation measures to prevent abuse, unauthorised access, undesired disclosure and unauthorised change of your personal data. Personal data are exclusively accessible to employees of Toogethr if this is required for the performance of their activities. Toogethr shall, however, not be liable for unlawfully obtained access to computers or files, viruses or other unlawful programs or files, or any other results of the availability of data to Toogethr.

We appreciate it if potential vulnerabilities are reported. If you are under the impression that your data are not secured properly or if there are indications of abuse then you can, moreover, always contact us via

6. Change of this Privacy Statement
Toogethr reserves the right to make changes in this Privacy Statement; the latest version is always available via this page. We advise you to regularly consult this Privacy Statement in order that you always know how Toogethr processes personal data.

This Privacy Statement was lastly changed on 1 june 2020.

Versie: juni 2020

Scope of the right of use

1. Through the subscription Toogethr grants a right of use for the Toogethr website and/or App (hereinafter referred to as: the App). The said right of use is limited to a number of users and is therefore personal. The App can only be used on the device on which the App was downloaded and installed.
2. Through the download of the App the user gives Toogethr consent to communicate with the user about the services of the App, but also to communicate with the user about Toogethr and its services, including but not limited to newsletters, quizzes and awards.

3. The purpose of the App is to supply a service for the business market, it goes without saying that the users are free to use Toogethr in any way that they want, within the boundaries of these terms and conditions and the law.

4. It is not allowed:
a. To reverse engineer the source code of the App or to decompile the App, barring to the extent that this is permitted pursuant to a mandatory statutory provision or applicable open source licence;

b. To surrender a copy of the App to third parties;

c. To grant a sub-licence for the App or to make it available to third parties through rental, Software-as-a-Service constructions or otherwise;

5. You can make a back-up copy of the App. You can, however, not use the said back-up copy independently or trade or distribute it other than in combination with the original App.

6. Apart from the provisions set forth below, Apple’s Appstore may impose conditions on the acquisition of the App, the relevant use and related matters.

7. Apart from the provisions set forth below, Google Play may impose conditions on the acquisition of the App, the relevant use and related matters.

8. Consult the user conditions and privacy statement of Apple’s Appstore, Good Play and potentially applicable conditions on the website of the relevant provider for this.

Transport agreement between Motorist and Passenger
1. If you agree with another User, via Toogethr, to share a journey then a Transport Agreement is concluded directly between you and the said other User. You agree that the P2P transport agreement is always applicable to this Transport Agreement (these Transport Agreements) between you and the other User.

Social Media Policy / Code of Conduct Employer
1. Many employers apply a Social Media Policy or Social Media Conduct of Conduct. Toogethr is a social channel aimed at business use and the relevant terms and conditions of your employer are therefore also applicable to the use of the App. You can request the specific terms and conditions from your employer.

Intellectual property

1. Any and all rights in respect of the App, the thereto-pertaining documentation and any and all changes and expansions to the same are and remain vested in Toogethr. You exclusively acquire the rights of use and authorities that derive from the scope of this agreement or that are allocated in writing and the remainder you cannot use, reproduce or disclosure the App.

2. Any and all (intellectual) property rights in respect of information that is part of this website or Toogethr are always vested in us or our licensors. This also includes data posted by users.

3. The App contains open source software of third parties. Their respective right holders grant you a right of use pursuant to the relevant open source licences. You can find these in the manual. This end user licence is not applicable to these open source packages and nothing from this end user licence can be interpreted as a restriction of a right granted to you pursuant to an open source licence.

1. The right of use is granted on the basis of a subscription.

Personal data
1. The App processes personal data. These personal data shall be processed in conformity with the privacy policy that can be found on this website.


1. From time to time Toogethr issues updates that can remedy errors or improve the operation of the App.

2. Updates available for the App shall be communicated via a notification from Apple’s Appstore, Google Play, in the course of which it falls under your responsibility to keep track of these notifications. The updates are also implemented via this platform, this requires an active internet connection.

3. Installation of updates takes place with your separate consent. For a proper implementation of the updates, Toogethr depends on the availability of Apple’s Appstore, Google Play, which is beyond the control of Toogethr. Toogethr is neither responsible nor liable for a proper implementation of the updates. There shall not be any liability for damages as a result of errors that were resolved in an update that was not installed.

4. An update may impose conditions that differ from the provisions set forth in this agreement. You are always informed accordingly in advance and you then have the opportunity of refusing the update. Through installation of this kind of update you agree with the said different conditions, which shall then be part of this agreement.


1. You are personally responsible for the installation and use of the App and the thereto-pertaining web service.

2. Our helpdesk is available for assistance during the creation of your Toogethr Account via For the availability and opening hours of the Toogethr helpdesk consult the website.

3. If you have questions or complaints about a Transport Agreement then you can send this by email to We aim to answer and handle your questions or complaints as soon as possible.

4. You can give feedback about the App via Apple’s Appstore, Google Play, after which Toogethr shall assess whether support is required and shall, where required, contact you.

Term of right of use

1. These provisions take effect upon use of the App and remain in full force and effect up to and including the day that the right of use comes to an end on account of the fact that the agreement in pursuance of which the right of use was granted comes to an end.

2. After termination of the agreement (for any reason whatsoever) each and every users must discontinue and keep discontinued the use of the App. Any and all copies (including back-up copies) of the App must then be deleted from all the systems of the user.

Other provisions

1. Toogethr only provides the services for motorist and passenger to travel together, it is by no means liable for the relevant performance or for (consequential) damages that derive from travelling together.

2. Dutch law is applicable to this end user licence.

3. To the extent that the mandatory statutory rules do not prescribe otherwise, any and all disputes that may arise further to this agreement shall be brought to the cognisance of the competent Dutch court for the district where Toogethr holds its corporate seat.

4. If a provision of this agreement appears to be invalid then this shall not affect the validity of the entire agreement. The parties shall, as the occasion arises, establish a new provision (new provisions) by way of replacement with which, as much as legally possible, the intention of the original agreement is best approached.

5. Toogethr can transfer its rights and obligations from this agreement to a third party that takes over the business operations or the copyrights from Toogethr or exploits the same.

Version: june 2020

It is important to us that as colleagues you can step in a car together carefree. Of course we assume that you can perfectly organise this yourself. Both the motorist and the passenger want to feel comfortable when sharing a journey. To give you some handles, we established some guidelines. In brief this implies the following.

When you step in a car together, you conclude a so-called Peer-to-Peer (P2P) transport agreement with each other. It is not as complicated as it may sound. It gives answers to how you are paid and what happens if somebody fails to show up.

It is, however, not a disaster if something does not proceed entirely as it should. It is, however, good to know how we handle this. You can read this in the following guidelines.
Do you have questions? Then we are here for you. You can chat with us or email us.

When a Motorist and a Passenger (hereinafter jointly referred to as: the “Parties” and both individually as: a "Party") agree to share a journey via Toogethr, the said arrangements form a ''Transport Agreement' between the Parties. These "Transport Arrangements' are applicable to this transport agreement. The same definitions as used in the ''Conditions of Use'' for Toogethr are applicable, by which the Motorist and Passenger are equally bound.


1. The Motorist shall in accordance with the stipulated journey perform the journey by deploying a car and by driving the said car.

2. The Motorist shall not require a fee from the Passenger.

3. The Motorist ensures that the car to be deployed has a seat available for the Passenger and potentially stipulated fellow travellers. Moreover, the car must be in a safe and clean condition, be insured sufficiently, have, where required, valid MOT and have a maximum of eight seats for passengers.

4. The Motorist is in possession of a valid driving licence and shall comply with the traffic rules.

5. The Motorist can transport more than one Passenger but cannot transport more persons than the number of available official seats in the car.

6. The Motorist commits to drive directly to the destination, unless the Parties agree otherwise.

7. The Motorist does not fall under the Dutch Passenger Transport Act 200 and does therefore not need to comply with a permit required pursuant to the said Act.

Term and termination of the Transport Agreement

1. The Transport Agreement is concluded when (1) the one Party offers the other Party to drive an indicated journey, and (2) the other Party then accepts this request.

2. The Transport Agreement comes to an end after performance of the journey.

3. In joint consultation (by SMS or email) the Transport Agreement can be terminated early.

4. In this respect both parties are held to also communicate the cancelled journey via

5. If one of the Parties appears to be unable to implement this agreement, due to urgent reasons, then the latter commits to inform the other Party as soon as possible, stating the reason.


1. The Passenger shall comply with the traffic rules and shall follow potential safety instructions of the Motorist during the journey.

2. The Passenger is not liable to pay a fee to the Motorist.

3. If the Passenger wants to bring along luggage other than usual then this must be coordinated in advance with the Motorist. The Motorist is free to revoke the offer to bring along the Passenger on the basis of this. If the Passenger is consequently not joining the journey then this is qualified as a “No-Show” of the Passenger.

4. The Transport Agreement may imply that the Passenger brings along one or more fellow travellers. Only the Passenger is a Party to the transport agreement, not his potential fellow traveller(s). The Passenger guarantees that his fellow travellers shall comply with the Transport Agreement and these Transport Arrangements.


1. The Parties are present at the pick-up location in a timely fashion, unless the Parties agree on a different departure location and/or time.

2. In case of a delay or another deviation from the arrangements, the Parties shall inform each other accordingly. It is up to the Parties to coordinate whether they agree with these deviating arrangements.

3. If the journey is not carried out because one of the Parties only appears 15 minutes late or not at all then there shall be question of a “No-Show”.

4. Toogethr checks on No-Show at random and shall, at the request of one or both prejudiced parties, examine individual instances. If there actually appears to be question of a No-Show then Toogethr reserves the right to act as follows:

a. In case of a No-Show of a Party, the other Party does not need to wait for this or otherwise take this into account.

b. In case of a No-Show by the Passenger or his potential fellow traveller(s), the Motorist shall receive the fee (units) equal to the situation as it the journey would have been carried out.

c. In case of a No-Show by the Motorist, the Passenger shall receive the fee (units) equal to the situation as if the journey would have been carried out.

d. In case of a No-Show of a Party the relevant Party shall receive a penalty in the form of a reduction of units equal to the total units of the relevant Party.

Term and termination of the Transport Agreement

1. The Transport Agreement is concluded when (1) the one Party offers the other Party to drive an indicated journey, and (2) the other Party then accepts this request.

2. The Transport Agreement comes to an end after performance of the journey.

3. In joint consultation (by SMS or email) the Transport Agreement can be terminated early.

4. In this respect both parties are held to also communicate the cancelled journey via

5. If one of the Parties appears to be unable to implement this agreement, due to urgent reasons, then the latter commits to inform the other Party as soon as possible, stating the reason.


1. The can give each other ratings and reviews via Toogethr and on the website at their own discretion. In this respect the Parties shall observe the relevantly applicable statutory rules.

2. Dutch law is applicable to the Transport Agreement and these Transport Arrangements.

3. If a dispute in connection with the Transport Agreement and these Transport Arrangements cannot be settled amicably then it can be brought to the cognisance of the competent court according to Dutch law