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Adding brains to parking

Regain control over your parking gate by connecting to our parking solution for a smarter and effective parking flow, by bringing balance to the occupancy and upgrade your employee experience.

The Virtual Parking lot

Toogethr's parking management system provides real-time insight into your parking locations and optimizes occupancy. Create the perfect balance between parking and cost efficiency, scalable for all business needs: from a simple parking area for employees to complex multi-purpose environments.


Use up-to-date insight to make data-driven decisions about the crucial parts of your parking area. Stop only monitoring the developments on the parking lot, but determine the course of your parking policy in an informed manner.


Regulate the access rights for visitors and employees with our smart software. Determine who can enter, where and when for the best use of your parking space.

Roles & rights

Delegate the roles and rights within the parking management system, determine who has insight into which data and who can perform which actions.


Receive guests smoothly, take reservations, send confirmations and give customers the perfect hospitality treatment. Any payment goes through certified portals and is immediately and securely handled.

Upgrading your hardware

Upgrade your barrier by connecting to Toogethr's Smartbox & our parking solution for smarter and more effective parking management. 

Easy to install and compatible with all existing solutions and well-known platforms such as SKIDATA, Q-PARK etc. Our state-of-the-art Smartbox offers optimized access to parking places for customers and guests through automatic license plate recognition, pass and tag recognition and QR code scanners. 

Compatible with all terminals, with or without internet.

Steering Parking Policy

Parking policy is increasingly becoming an integral approach and is combined with mobility management. Toogethr can assist in the realization of these policies, through our own knowledge and expertise or through  our extensive network.
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