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Ridesharing is a fast and fun way for employees to drive to work together. Co-workers on similar routes can share their vehicles to reduce strain on parking, infrastructure and the environment.

Match & Ride

Our Toogethr network connects colleagues and corporate communities through technology. Enabling end to end mobility services. The commuting routines that are generated by employees, allow our algorithms to match colleagues to commute together.

Corporate communities

Our rideshare solution is built on trusted corporate communities. This is a secure environment where colleagues from the same organisation connect and commute together.

Corporate sustainability

Toogethr’s Ride sharing solution strengthens social cohesion among employees, improves reachability and contributes to a cleaner world.

The more rides are shared, the fewer cars on the road. This has a positive impact on traffic pressure and leads to a reduction in CO2 emissions.

Join the movement!

Incentivised experiences

Organisations have the possibility to offer tailored incentives like priority parking and special rewards, to stimulate employees to drive together. Our incentive program has proven to boost ridesharing within organisations with at least 10-20%.

Parking integration

Start ridesharing to relieve the pressure of overcrowded parking spots in a low effort - high impact way.

Besides ridesharing we provide the easiest parking experience. Just book a parking spot and Toogethr will do the rest.

Reporting & insights

We provide detailed reports which shows all impact data such as rides, saved kilometers, CO2 impact and parking occupancy. To keep you and your colleagues up to date.

"A real eye opener for me was when a colleague and I were stuck driving behind each other for more than 60 kms. This made us realize that we needed to change things, that’s when we decided to start driving Toogethr!"

Bart, Shell

"I wanted to do my share for a cleaner and better world. By ridesharing I can reduce my CO2 footprint by half every ride I make!"

Anthony, Enexis

"It’s really pleasant to discuss your workday troubles and empty your head with your favorite colleague. A great way to arrive home, much more relaxed!"

Sabine, Rode Kruis Ziekenhuis

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