Getting to work in a social and efficient way.

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Less CO2 emissions

A stronger mutual bond

Easier and more fun

By stimulating shared driving, Toogethr ensures that parking pressure is reduced, accessibility is improved, and commuting becomes more sustainable.

Match & ride together

The Toogethr app matches travelling colleagues via smart algorithms, based on their daily commuting routines. More shared rides create social interaction during the journey to work, contribute to fewer occupied parking spaces and lower CO2 emissions.

The business community

Trusted business communities are the basis of Toogethr’s rideshare solution. A community is a safe and controllable digital environment where colleagues from the same organisation are linked to share rides.

Stimulations programs

Toogethr offers the possibility to give employees specific rewards for shared rides, like unique discount vouchers or premium parking. In practice this reward system results in 10 to 20% more shared rides.

Number of rides
km driven
kg CO2 reduced
On your way to a more sustainable commute?
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how it works

Socially responsible

Ridesharing by Toogethr strengthens the social cohesion among employees, improves accessibility and contributes to a cleaner world.

Parking integration

Link ridesharing to premium parking and immediately reduce the parking pressure of your overcrowded parking spaces. Ridesharing is a solution with little effort and high impact.

Insight & reports

The (monthly) reports offer insight into the total number of shared rides, the kilometres saved and the CO2 reduction for each community. This keeps you informed of the impact your community is making.


By emphasizing the positive effects of relatively small changes, you get many companies and their employees on board. We have found the right partner in Toogethr."

Astrid van den Haak
Programme management and communication
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Toogethr's flexibility contributes to the objectives of this project and to a pleasant collaboration. The app is always in line with what is needed at a particular moment.”

Lisanne de Wijs
Mobility manager renovation Piet Heintunnel
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The bike app in particular is a great success here. Colleagues like to be so sporty, to save points for yourself or your team and to participate in the challenges.

Nina Post
Communication advisor
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